WWF and Novita Diamonds
Apr 07, 2022
Giving Back
WWF and Novita Diamonds
As a young company born out of the need to disrupt a deeply problematic industry, NOVITA DIAMONDS has and will always be committed to fulfilling its obligations to the planet and its inhabitants to the best of its ability. As part of our ongoing efforts, our recent partnership with the non-profit 'Dress for Success' (DFS) has been incredibly productive, delivering real, tangible results. Meaningfully contributing to the happiness of so many marginalised women by giving them a fighting chance made us realise that we can and should do more. To build on the success of our partnership with DFS, we needed to ally with an organisation that is even more ambitious. In WWF we have found that ally. We are excited to join the Partners in Purpose program, a newly launched initiative by WWF of a community of small and medium businesses making a significant impact on nature.


NOVITA DIAMONDS, by itself, has already changed the diamond industry for the better. As the largest seller of diamonds globally, we are aware of our decisions' impact on the global market. However, NOVITA DIAMONDS' core mission, to be sustainable and ethical while providing customers with unrivalled value, has always remained unchanged. Contrary to the narrative pushed by mainstream media and large corporations, helping the planet and its inhabitants do not need to come at the expense of quality and affordable prices for the consumers. However, by exclusively offering lab grown diamonds, not only is NOVITA DIAMONDS helping save the environment and people's lives in conflict regions, we are undercutting the prices of mined diamonds by about 75%! In fact, all mined diamonds harm the planet's health, even those claiming to be 'conflict-free'. The very act of mining, by definition, is destructive to the earth, not helped by the fact that most diamonds are mined in conflict regions like Congo or Sierra Leone, where the rule of law is non-existent. Markedly more sustainable and ethical, lab grown diamonds eliminate mined diamonds' inherent negative issues. Created in highly controlled machines, man made diamonds require no mining or exploitation of enslaved people. No forest needs to be cut down or any rivers to be poisoned for lab grown diamonds to exist. By exclusively dealing with man made diamonds, NOVITA DIAMONDS is already more ethical and sustainable than any other diamond retailer since even those that sell lab grown diamonds still promote and sell mined diamonds. NOVITA DIAMONDS, however, is not content with just being sustainable or ethical but has always sought to do more than others for the environment and society at large. 

WWF and Novita Diamonds

We all leave marks on the environment – almost everything we do as an individual or business has a carbon footprint which is the total of greenhouse gas emissions associated with our activities – like buying a product (production, packaging, shipping) or transport (car, plane) or attending an event (things you consume there, waste). If we all make a conscious effort to reduce our individual carbon footprints, we can be a part of the solution to this climate crisis. The good news is that each one of us can make a difference by reducing our carbon footprint. Some of these changes are easy. Others take more planning and effort. Although we will never achieve 0% emissions, we can as a society mitigate some of the worsening effects of climate change brought on by continued human activity. However, vulnerable animals, insects, plants, and trees urgently need our help and don't have the luxury of waiting for us to reduce our carbon footprint gradually. There is no organisation better equipped or trained to handle these pressing issues than the WWF. 

Founded in 1961, WWF is the world's largest conservation organisation, with over five million supporters worldwide, working in more than 100 countries and supporting around 3,000 conservation and environmental projects. WWF's mission is to "slow and eventually stop the extinction of threatened plants and animals and to support their recovery by addressing the threats that affect them." With the help of NOVITA DIAMONDS and other partners, WWF will help rehabilitate and restore wildlife and their habitats, especially koalas and other unique marsupials and species indigenous to Australia and nowhere else. WWF also seeks to future-proof Australia against climate disasters, focusing on bushfire recovery and prevention since bushfires are occurring with increasing regularity and intensity. With their 'Regenerate Australia' campaign, WWF aims to transform Australia into a more sustainable future through ambitious projects such as making Australia a Renewable Energy Exports Superpower, planting and growing two billion trees by 2030, and reclaiming dying coral reefs. Their boldest undertaking by far is 'Restoring THE YORKE'. A long term and sustained venture whose aim is to reintroduce locally extinct species across 170,000 hectares of the southern Yorke Peninsula over the next five years. Among the 27 or so native species that have already been lost from this area, many of whom are at risk of disappearing from Australia forever, are threatened species like brush-tailed bettong, red-tailed phascogales and bandicoots. 

Just like with our spectacularly successful partnership with DFS, NOVITA DIAMONDS is proud to be an instrumental player in supporting WWF in their mission to 'Regenerate Australia' and is excited to witness firsthand the positive results of this new partnership.