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What are lab diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds offer an ethically superior option to traditional mined diamonds.

Lab created diamonds offer a moral substitute to mined diamonds at a fraction of the price. They are produced with advanced technology in laboratories, employing the identical fundamentals needed for the formation of natural diamonds - heat, pressure, and carbon. Thanks to advances in science these lab grown diamonds are made using the latest cutting edge technology, yet they replicate every characteristic of a natural diamond, both visually and chemically.

How much do lab diamonds cost?

Lab grown diamonds are substantially more budget-friendly compared to mined diamonds. For instance, a 1.00CT lab diamond is priced at merely $1,219 in New Zealand, representing a saving of around 75- 80% against the $6,095 cost of a natural diamond of the same specifications. This substantial price difference is a major reason behind the growing preference for lab grown diamonds among consumers. Similarly, a 2.00CT lab diamond costs just $3,200, as opposed to the $16,000 price tag of a mined diamond. To explore our extensive selection of diamonds available locally in New Zealand, we encourage you to visit our select a diamond page.

lab grown diamond vs mined diamond price chart

Where is the best place to buy lab diamonds in NZ?

When you opt for a lab grown diamond from Novita Diamonds in New Zealand, you're not just acquiring a premium product, but also supporting vital causes. Your choice to buy lab grown diamonds contributes to empowering women, protecting ecosystems, and combating the issue of blood diamonds. Moreover, choosing lab grown diamonds is significantly more cost-effective compared to mined diamonds, which often have detrimental effects on the environment and many people's livelihoods.

For those keen to delve deeper into ethical diamonds and understand the unacceptable toll of blood diamonds on our planet and its vulnerable communities, our blog offers extensive information on the subject.

Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds Becoming so Popular in New Zealand?

The rising popularity of lab diamonds in New Zealand can be attributed to these three principal reasons:

1. AFFORDABILITY: Lab created diamonds offer the opportunity to possess a magnificent diamond ring at a much more accessible price point. Their cost is considerably less than that of mined diamonds, providing better value for those seeking affordability.

2. IDENTICAL IN APPEARANCE AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Diamonds produced in laboratories are visually and chemically indistinguishable from mined diamonds. They share the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics, ensuring that your lab diamond is as exquisite and resilient as a mined one.

3. ETHICAL AND CONFLICT-FREE: The lab diamonds we provide in New Zealand are ethically produced and 100% conflict-free. They are an environmentally conscious and sustainable option, representing the only truly ethical diamonds in the market. This allows you to make your purchase with confidence, knowing it was crafted with integrity and without causing harm to individuals or the environment.

Something to keep in mind: The term "Synthetic diamonds" in New Zealand is often used to describe lab created diamonds. However, be cautious, as some websites use this term to market cubic zirconia, which is not the same as a true diamond.

Lab vs mined diamonds comparison chart

How to purchase the perfect lab grown diamond in NZ?

Novita Diamonds has played a pivotal role in aiding numerous clients across New Zealand to fulfil their aspirations of owning the perfect lab grown diamond. We offer industry leading customization through our modern, easy-to-use website or by visiting our specialized showrooms, strategically located in Auckland's central area. For more insights on this, explore lab grown diamonds Auckland.

To enhance your experience on our website, we suggest heading to our Start With A Diamond Page. Here, you'll discover the "Available in Showroom" and “Recommended” section, showcasing a selection of the finest, carefully chosen lab grown diamonds available in New Zealand. Our local team of expert gemmologists has painstakingly curated this collection, rigorously sifting through thousands of diamonds to ensure that only the top choices are presented to you. For a deeper understanding of our "Available in Showroom" diamonds, don't miss our informative video.

What Else Does Novita Diamonds Specialises On?

In New Zealand, lab grown diamonds are also referred to by various names, all conveying the same concept, including Manufactured Diamonds NZ, Lab Created Diamonds NZ, Cultured Diamonds NZ, Above Earth Diamonds, Mine-Free Diamonds, Ethical Diamonds NZ, CVD Diamonds, and HPHT Diamonds.

Moreover, Novita’s online and physical jewellery stores offer an array of products including both CVD and HPHT diamonds, GIA lab made diamonds, IGI lab grown diamond rings in New Zealand, lab diamond earrings, diamond wedding bands, women’s wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, lab diamond studs, lab diamond tennis bracelets, custom lab diamond engagement rings, lab diamond necklaces, lab diamond pendants, proposal rings, unique and designer engagement rings, and handmade engagement rings.

In Summary

If you are considering buying a lab grown diamond in New Zealand, it's advisable to engage with a specialised and reputable local and yet global firm such as Novita Diamonds. Our skilled and creative team of gemmologists and jewellery designers are well-prepared to help you find the ideal lab grown diamond. Notably, our Auckland showroom boasts an impressive stock on hand of over 300 lab created diamonds. We invite you to contact us today to start your journey towards finding the perfect lab grown diamond ring.

With our quality and service, we will make your wishes come true.

Iris Arnold
CEO and Founder

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