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Diamonds VS  white sapphires
May 31, 2021
Diamonds VS white sapphires
We have decided to get one of our top gemologists to write a short but insightful article where he explains the differences you need to be aware of between diamonds and white sapphires and why they are not an ideal choice for engagement rings.
White sapphires do not reflect light back unlike diamonds.
To put it in simpler terms: when you look at a diamond from the top, diamonds are like mirrors, they reflect back all the light surrounding them. Hence, you cannot see through a diamond when looking at it from the top. White sapphires on the other hand do not reflect light back as the light simply goes through the stone.
White sapphires do not sparkle like diamonds do,
for the same reason they don’t reflect light. White sapphires don’t sparkle because of those two reasons. It’s very easy to notice with the naked eye the difference between white sapphires and diamonds.
White sapphires are not strong
enough to last in an engagement ring for many years. Even though White sapphires are strong and hard to scratch, compared to a diamond they do not last forever. If you were to use them for an engagement ring, the main stone will get chipped over time and scratch. If you were to wear it every day it will last about 2-5 years before needing to be replaced, as the stone would have changed a lot in appearance over time.
Conversely, the term “Diamonds are Forever” is because Diamonds are the strongest natural material known to man. 
White sapphires are not cut the same as diamonds,
due to the fact, white sapphires are considerably lower in price than a diamond. When they are being cut they do not get the same levels of detail and workmanship diamonds get. This impacts the overall look of the stone and it’s one more in the list of noticeable differences between the two.
Diamonds VS  white sapphires
The price difference between white sapphires

and natural diamonds is quite significant. However, now with lab-created diamonds available in the market, you don’t need to compromise. As you are aware lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in all aspects, minus the big tag price. 


White sapphire is the best choice for the glass in all expensive watches, brands like Rolex, TAG, Omega, AP to name a few are known for using white sapphire for the glass because it’s clear and very hard to scratch.

Interesting find:

Nowadays more and more phone companies like Apple are starting to use white sapphire for the glass that goes in the camera part of your phone as it does not scratch easily. 

Use in the jewellery industry:

We have found over the years, white sapphires get used a lot in gold jewellery made in India. The reason is that most white sapphires in the world get cut in India and the cost is viable to use for gold jewellery. Note, by gold jewellery we mean bracelets, necklaces and earrings not engagement rings.